Since ancient times there have often been people on earth who are able to perform extraordinary abilities unexplained by people throughout the ages. Sometimes worked deep into myths, and other times nothing more than urban legends are often the only traces of Advent Humans over generations. A shinigami scientist believes that quite a few humans have the potential for change as reports of ghost stories rise in a much more populated world. However, it is only a very small percentage of this group that will ever realize their potential for a spiritual change.

Shinigami have long been able to associate the influence of strong spiritual entities, such as themselves, hollows and even other humans, with the growth of the Advent Humans. Though they run by the shinigami idea of reiatsu to bring power out from themselves, Advent Humans are typically far less spiritually dense and thus have evolved to draw energy from strong entities and places of high spiritual activity. Places of high spiritual activity are, or have been, major passageways of spiritual activity for one reason or another throughout history. Major locations include: Pyramids, Aztec Ruins, Grand Canyon, Ayers Rock, Coliseum and Himalayas, as well as various locations in Japan.

Advent Humans have been labelled as prophets, gods, lunatics and pariahs in the past, but in the modern age, their paranormal abilities and claims to see the dead are enough to cause them to be sent to an insane asylum, a government lab or both. Shinigami see their open activity as a threat to their secrecy and have no hesitation in putting down rogue Advent Humans if it keeps the living world oblivious of their activity.
Hence, Advent Humans who want to operate do so discreetly, trying to keep a difficult balance of maintaining secrecy while still protecting the living from the dead. Their lack of knowledge of Soul Society, Hollows and the nature of their own powers makes this a difficult prospect at best and many do not survive the first few days after their Awakening without a guide to help them.

Advent Human Factions and Organizations Edit

Cerberus Corporation Edit


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The Cerberus directive began as a grasp at immortality by wealthy investors in the 1950's during the Cold War. Their goal was survival as the harsh reality of nuclear warfare was all around. While most research at the time focused on adapting the harsh environment to suit the needs of the human, the Cerberus directors reasoned that it was far more efficient to adapt the human to suit the environment.

Their research led them to raise prodigies from around the world, some willingly and some less than willingly. By isolating what made these prodigies so special, they hoped to facilitate the next level in human development. During a project to understand the nature of so-called "precognitives" who supposedly were capable of seeing visions that they discovered the war that was being raged beyond human perception. They focused on promoting instantaneous human evolution, in efforts to react to the changes in the supernatural realm. Currently Cerberus is divided into Intelligence and Observation, Independent Contracting, and Research and Development branches.


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Orpheus Edit

In 1923, a fringe group of investors approached International Criminal Police Commission, the precursor to modern-day Interpol with the goal of creating a paranormal investigation unit. Though the details on the formation of this unit are shrouded in mystery, Interpol immediately started seeing results following the team's inception. In modern times, funding was sent to the organization with little or no knowledge of where the money is going or what it was being used for. Governments simply paid knowing that it kept crime rates down. There are very few individuals who were aware of this mysterious organization, and even fewer that were savvy to what the branch actually did.

The Orpheus Initiative, often times called simply Orpheus, was a contingent of individuals from around the world, selected for their unnatural perception into the world of the dead. These agents were trained to harness their senses and combat the bestial inhabitants of the afterlife: Hollows.

These monstrous beings were well-documented by the Initiative, and had been sighted in almost every conceivable place on the planet. Hostile by nature, these creatures, dubbed Demons by Orpheus, were the primary target of the organizations efforts. Still, despite the creature's abundance, their existence remains both enigmatic and mysterious.

Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou (TNK) Edit

Tokyo Nishi Koutougakkou is a high school where many 'advent humans' gather to inherit knowledge ... just like any other normal

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teenager. The school is a mix of awakened humans and normal teenagers. Often, many of the students that attend the school are oblivious to the happenings of the supernatural world. Among the normal flock of scholars lie those who are the target for many observing groups, as the controlled system of the school is a perfect location for analyzing advanced humans.&nbsp

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