Shinigami (死神, Death Gods) are a force of spiritual soldiers. They reside in Seireitei within Soul Society. The primary role of the Shinigami is to maintain the balance of souls, most notably by purifying hollows.

Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakutō. When first received, a Zanpakutō is considered an Asauchi -- a shallow forging -- but it is tethered to the soul of the user and gradually becomes more distinct. Those Shinigami who build a strong connection with the spirit of their Zanpakutō may learn its name and achieve Shikai. The strongest bonds lead to the possibility of Bankai, the final release.

There are four primary tenets of shinigami combat: Zanjutsu, Hakuda, Hohō, and Kidō. When a balance is struck with all four, it is referred to as Zankensōki. Along with their skill, the measure of a Shinigami's strength often lies in the force of their reiatsu, their spiritual pressure

List of DivisionsEdit

Division Name Status Captain Lieutenant Division Color Speciality
1st Division Open Sayis Inuzuri Maruyama Ilsa Teal Elite Kidō Specialists
2nd Division Closed Vacant Vacant N/A N/A
3rd Division Open Theron Ascania Vacant Sienna Anti-Hollow Combatants
4th Division Open Makoto Matsumara Emaru Akio N/A Healing/Support
5th Division Open Haresuno Uchiharu Vacant None Battlefield Preparation and Entrapment
6th Division Closed Vacant Vacant None N/A

7th Division

Open Ishin Katsuji Vacant N/A Housing Dangerous Shinigami & High-risk Mission Specialists
8th Division Open Anenokoji Senesati Takimoto Kago Deep Sky Blue Offensive Support
9th Division Open Kaede Kusajishi Vacant None N/A
10th Division Open Lilith Maikeru Vacant N/A N/A
11th Division Open Tsubaki Vacant N/A Tandem Forces
12th Division Open Vacant Vacant Red Special Covert Forces
13th Division Closed Vacant Vacant N/A Stability & Investigation

The 3rd Division: Heralds of DeathEdit

The 3rd Division focuses specifically on the core of the Shinigami’s duties: destroying Hollows and Hollow kin. Members of the division have it ingrained in their head that as the Gotei 13 has evolved, many of the divisions have focused on other tasks, diminishing the capacity of the army on the whole to suppress Hollow activity and prevent events such as the recent confrontation in Hueco Mondo. Because of this belief, they train unceasingly to hone themselves as agents of this imperative task.

The 4th Division: Healing and SupportEdit

As members of the Gotei 13, the healers of the 4th Division are capable fighters. Having trained alongside their brethren in the Academy, they have received the same instruction and testing required of all Shinigami.

As members of the healing division, the Shinigami of the 4th Division are made to further their knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This basic instruction provides the platform from which all healing paths spring. In addition to the training and practice of the medical arts, members of this division provide supply backup for their fellow Shinigami during battle situations. Utilizing their knowledge of the streets above and below the surface of Seireitei, they can be where their comrades need them to be.

The 5th Division: Battlefield Preparation and EntrapmentEdit

Shrouded by the fog of war, it is the Fifth Division’s goal to act when situations benefit. Chances are only made when the absolute has been tipped in favor of the member. They do not meet the enemy head on, not until the final blow can be delivered. It is the time outside of combat that a member of the Fifth will relish - not for the peace of mind it gives them, but for the time to plan. They are the unseen lightning.

The Fifth Division is a support element to the Gotei, focused primarily in the preparation of traps and enemy diversion. It is a collection of men and women who do not mind the wait in battle to strike. Using every method they can to ensure victory. They are world movers, who take the time to see every rock as an advantage, who revel in beauty nature brings to combat, and those who will stop at nothing to realize their own ambition.

The 7th Division: Enforced Criminal ServiceEdit

As the moniker implies, the 7th Division was originally established by the Captain Commander for the purpose of giving those who have incurred a debt to Soul Society a chance to redeem themselves in a constructive, non-resource draining manner. However, upon taking the reins of this fledgling division, the current Captain has added a second, equally as important aspect to the 7th Division's purpose. That is to offer those who are owed a debt by Soul Society a chance to regain what was rightfully theirs, making it not only a vehicle of redemption for the guilty, but a path of freedom for the innocent.

The concept of the 7th Division is a simple one: "Redeem yourself under our direction and you shall be forgiven, prove yourself blameless and we shall acknowledge you." To do so, members who are chosen for admission into the 7th Division (or are sentenced to long term service) are sent on missions of an unsavory variety, in short, suicide missions. For every successful mission completed, time is subtracted from the convict's sentence. Such a pattern would continue until a convict's crimes have been paid in full either by the completion of their service commitment or in death.

Despite its penal origins, the 7th Division is by no means anything as lowly as a simple jail or halfway house. It is a proud organization of individuals with a united cause just as any other division within the prestigious walls of Seireitei. As such it is the present captain's prerogative to hand select those worthy of the privilege of serving the greater good. Such personal attributes as determination, cunning, intelligence, strength, dependability, among much, much more are a must for consideration. For without any one of such qualities one would not survive the rigors of such an opportunity nor would they even be deserving of it.

The 7th Division is also unique in another way; It is the only division in the Gotei 13 that has members that were not members of the academy. Point of fact, most members were criminals from the lower priveledged districts of Rukongai. They were sentenced to serve time in the 7th divisions prison and, while there, learned to harness their reiatsu. Some of these members resent that they have basically been forced to be shinigami, but others see it differently. They see it either as a tool to use to gain respect, or a gift to use in hopes of redeeming themselves in their eyes and the eyes of others.

The 8th Division: Enchanted BladesEdit

As a member of the 8th Division an individual will be expected to protect their comrades in ways they cannot protect themselves. While they can support and defend those of a more brutal melee force, the 8th's position on the battlefield acts as an offensive support role to those of ranged expertise. In essence a sword-spell master can become blade or shield at a moments notice.

The sword-mage will be trained in both mind and body to adapt in many situations, giving them an array of options to utilize during their career in the 8th Division. Some may favor blade over spell in given situations, but to truly be a sword-spell master one must adapt with the use of both.

The 10th Division: Arcane SpecialistsEdit

The 10th Division is primarily a collection of elite Kidō specialists that are trained to excel at their chosen vocation. They are deployed in groups, sent in among other divisions as shock troops, to provide an extra boost as well as heightened defense. Because of this, the division emphasizes cooperation and cohesion with its fellow divisions at all times, in order to build and maintain that synergy in battle.

This division is not about learning Kidō, however, nor about making spells more destructive. The T10th Division emphasizes training to cast more Kidō in more ways in more situations. An arcane specialist is expected to be able to synch up with any other division's Shinigami and deploy into any number of situations.

Learning new spells is a necessity, but it is secondary to the ability and willingness to use those spells wherever and however needed.

The mitsudomoe is a representation of the goals and tenets of the division. Symbolizing the coming together of forces to assist one another, it both represents the nature of kidou itself (a combination of study, practice, and spiritual power) and the objective of the division as a unifying force.

The 11th Division: Blood TemplarEdit

: Comprised mostly of the remnants of the Fearless Duelists, the Blood Templar are Shinigami who have risen to a greater calling. Ill contented with singular dominance over an enemy in one-on-one conflict, a fully trained and tested Blood Templar is able to stand alongside his brethren in complete symbiosis. Members of the 11th Division are encouraged and guided towards working in tandem, compensating for the weaknesses of their partner and fortifying their strengths in the same instant. While not directly shunning the Destructive and Binding arts of Kidō, such skills are considered secondary in importance over the training and honing of one's own body.

Combat Doctrine: The previous incarnation of the Eleventh Division relied solely on physical dominance, refining it to such a degree that one could force themselves out of binding and draw strength simply from standing alone. While admirable to rely on one's skills in that manner it severely limits one's life expectancy. Even a novice in the ways of the Blood Templar is carefully trained to utilize as many different tactical advantages as possible, most importantly the emphasis on working alongside other Templar. Numbers mean diversity in tactics and thinking, not to mention the ability for certain members to specialize in certain areas while others place their prowess elsewhere.

Division Conduct: In drawing upon the strengths and experiences of others, one must be fully vested and willing to divulge their own to the strength of the cause. As such, members of the 11th Division are required to work with each other without qualm or resentment, no matter if the person in question is unseated or the Captain herself. Conflicts of an internal nature must be diffused in a hasty manner, as their survival jeopardizes the overall stability of the division. Seats are awarded and promotions made as an individual merits them, either through their direct actions or the actions they inspire in others. Those who openly call to question the favor of another individual without due cause or evidence will be dealt with, as will those who shirk the unity of the Division by refusing aid or by refusing to aid others.

The 12th Division: Tracking and AssassinationEdit

Often, a government must have people break the law in order to uphold it. This paradox is why the 12th division exists.

As the assassins of the Gotei 13, the 12th division is called upon to eliminate the enemies of Soul Society, whether they are Hollow, rogue, human or otherwise. The nature of these tasks often requires members of the 12th Division to work under the utmost secrecy, beyond the red tape of the Central 46.

Because many of their missions are off the radar, many of the higher-ups in Seireitei are left purposely ignorant in order to maintain deniability. Failure to complete a mission quietly often results in the operatives being labeled as traitors and rogues to save face. It is not uncommon for members of the 12th Division to be called to hunt their former comrades who have botched a mission.

While operatives in the 12th Division are often not given support in any official capacity from their superiors, they do maintain close ties with the intelligence gathering entities of Seireitei such as the 2nd Division, the Onmitsukidō and the Keigun. To put it simply, these agencies are the eyes of the Gotei 13, while the 12th Division is the hand. They find the problem, and the 12th Division eliminates it.

To accomplish this task, the 12th Division utilizes techniques that some would consider unsavory or dishonorable. The division will often poison, stab in the back or gang-up on their target if it gets the job done. To the member of the 12th Division, the kill is everything, and the means is unimportant.

Naturally, this puts them at odds with many of the other divisions, particularly the heavy combat divisions who have more lofty ideals. They are often feared, hated or shunned, a sentiment the division often returns. While their nature may make them seem to be natural lone wolves, if anything, the opposite is true. In the field, no assassin operates alone, and there is a professional camaraderie between all members of a squad.

Unlike the other divisions, the 12th Division's techniques do not strengthen based on spiritual pressure, but rather experience in the field. Each technique may be upgraded by obtaining "bounty points" by hunting down and eliminating targets.

The 13th Division: PeacekeepersEdit

With eleven combat divisions dedicated to perfecting aggressive tactics, the 13th Division of the Gotei 13 finds her calling as a vanguard and rearguard for her deadly cousins. The 13th Division, known commonly as the Peacekeepers, specializes in preserving a world where fewer souls have the need to partake in war. Because of this, the 13th Division attracts Shinigami who often who wish to act as wardens of order, investigating disruptions of every day life, negotiating for armistace, and ensuring that no one is above the law, not even their fellow Shinigami. With order comes the preservation of life against the forces of chaos, and it is on this front where the Peacekeeprs find their true calling.

History Edit

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